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Meyer Zoysia

Meyer Zoysia is a medium-bladed, dark green zoysiagrass that features excellent wear tolerance and less maintenance. It’s ability to withstand the cold winters of the transition zone makes it a highly desirable product for St. Louis lawns and golf courses.

Benefits of Meyer Zoysia

  1. Drought tolerance: Meyer Zoysia has good drought tolerance once established, meaning it requires less water compared to some other grass varieties. This makes it suitable for areas with limited water availability or in regions prone to drought.

  2. Heat tolerance: It can withstand high temperatures and is well-suited for warm climates, making it popular in southern regions where summers can be scorching.

  3. Dense growth: Meyer Zoysia forms a dense, thick turf that chokes out weeds and provides excellent ground cover. This dense growth also contributes to its durability and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic.

  4. Low maintenance: Compared to some other grass types, Meyer Zoysia requires relatively low maintenance. It has slower growth compared to Bermuda grass, for example, meaning less frequent mowing is needed. It also requires less fertilizer and water once established.

  5. Shade tolerance: While Meyer Zoysia prefers full sun, it has moderate shade tolerance compared to other warm-season grasses, making it suitable for areas with partial shade.

  6. Good winter hardiness: Meyer Zoysia retains its color well into the fall and tends to go dormant later in the winter compared to some other warm-season grasses. It also greens up earlier in the spring, providing a longer growing season.

  7. Attractive appearance: Meyer Zoysia has a fine texture and attractive green color, providing a visually appealing lawn that can enhance the aesthetic value of residential and commercial landscapes

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rolls come on a pallet?

Our Zoysia pallets have 50 rolls on each pallet.

What is the size of each small roll?

Each roll measures 18 inches by 6 feet.

Do you sell it in big rolls?

We cut Zoysia in big rolls as well. They are 3.5 feet wide. We can harvest them with a length of 77, 90 or 103 feet. They require a tractor, skid steer or a Magnum big roll installer.

Where can I pickup Zoysia Sod?

Our office in O'Fallon, Missouri.

Do you deliver?

We deliver Zoysia on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We typically begin cutting in May.

How much does a small roll weigh?

The weight depends on how much moisture is in the ground at the time of harvest, but generally they are 25-35 pounds.

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