Tahoma 31 Sod Grown in St. Louis

Tahoma 31 Sod Keeven

What is Tahoma 31?

In recent years, a big focus for turfgrass breeders has been to create a variety of bermudagrass that can withstand colder temperatures. Oklahoma State University, one of the nation’s most successful turfgrass breeding programs, spent 10 years developing Tahoma 31. During that 10-year period, universities throughout the country conducted a multitude of tests on Tahoma 31 and compared it to other varieties known for their cold tolerance such as NorthBridge, Latitude 36 and IronCutter. Tahoma 31 tested up to 75% more cold tolerant than these other varieties which makes it the world’s most cold tolerant bermudagrass on the market.

Tahoma 31 Sod Keeven
Tahoma 31 Sod Keeven
Tahoma 31 Sod Keeven

Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass is a practical choice for those seeking a resilient and visually appealing turf in St. Louis. Known for its rapid establishment, this grass variety offers a quick solution for achieving a lush, green lawn or sports field. With its fine texture, Tahoma 31 delivers a pleasing aesthetic, while its excellent wear tolerance ensures durability in high-traffic areas. This low-maintenance grass is also celebrated for its superior heat tolerance, making it an ideal selection for diverse climates. Choose Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass for a reliable and practical solution that effortlessly combines function with visual appeal.

Tahoma 31 St. Louis

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rolls come on a pallet?

Our Tahoma 31 pallets have 50 rolls on each pallet.

What is the size of each small roll?

Each roll measures 18 inches by 6 feet.

Do you sell it in big rolls?

We cut Tahoma 31 in big rolls as well. They are 3.5 feet wide. We can harvest them with a length of 77 feet. They require a tractor, skid steer or a Magnum big roll installer.

Where can I pickup Tahoma 31 Sod?

Our office in O'Fallon, Missouri.

Do you deliver?

We deliver Tahoma 31. We typically begin cutting in May.

How much does a small roll weigh?

The weight depends on how much moisture is in the ground at the time of harvest, but generally they are 25-35 pounds.

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